Sexual Harassment

“Boys in the Breakroom”

“Boys in the Breakroom”

New York State legislators are taking action to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace. Stay compliant with Impact Interactive’s training programs, designed specifically to address this issue and facilitate positive change in your organization. Our unique theatre-based approach goes beyond definitions and policies by providing a window into the complex attitudes, values, and behaviors that can contribute to a toxic culture. Our programs make space for honest dialogue, foster empathy, and help create professional environments where everyone feels respected and can do their best work.

A typical program includes interactive activities, small group discussion, a scripted, interactive scene (see scene descriptions below), and addresses the following questions:

  • What is sexual harassment? How is Quid Pro Quo different from Hostile Environment?

  • What kinds of behaviors may be considered unlawful?

  • What kind of attitudes and values contribute to a work environment where sexual harassment is acceptable?

  • Why are some victims afraid to speak up?

  • What are the consequences of sexual harassment in the workplace?

  • What are your organization’s policies around sexual harassment and where can you go for more information or to report an incident?  

  • What is your responsibility as a supervisor or manager?

  • What are your rights as an employee?

  • What can you do to create a workplace environment where everyone feels respected and can do their best work?

”Boys in the Breakroom”
Claire is doing some work in the company break room when Mike starts sharing graphic details about a weekend bachelor party with Ben. Claire is clearly uncomfortable, but as a relatively new employee, she is afraid to make waves. When Tony enters, Claire is hopeful for an ally.  But Tony doesn’t like conflict and has his own concerns about confronting his colleagues. As the graphic details escalate, Claire finally reaches her breaking point and leaves the room. Stressed and upset, Claire confesses to Lynette that the pervasive sexual talk around the office has been interfering with her ability to get her work done. But when Claire expresses a desire to talk to management, Lynette warns her that any attempt to speak up would “end badly,” and Claire is left feeling confused and trapped. 

“Boys in the Park House”
Cassie is a reliable and hard working new Park Worker, but her Crew Chief, Ben’s incessant flirting and unwanted attention is making it increasingly difficult for her to concentrate on her work. To make matters worse, Ben’s supervisor, Mike, not only allows it, but sometimes even contributes with inappropriate comments of his own. Tony, a new Crew Chief, is uncomfortable with the harassment, but does not want to get caught up in an investigation and fears backlash from the boys if he speaks up. 

One afternoon, when Cassie takes her break in the park house, Ben’s behavior brings her to the breaking point, and she finally storms out.  Stressed and upset, she confesses to Luisa, another Park Worker, that the harassment she’s been enduring is interfering with her ability to get her work done. But when Cassie shares her desire to go to management, Luisa warns her that any attempt to speak up would “end badly,” and Cassie is left feeling confused, alone, and trapped.   

“Caught in the Culture”
Becky, a young graphic artist, is thrilled when her supervisor selects her for a special project. Not only will she be working with one of the company’s biggest clients, but the project will allow her to branch into web design, which is her real passion. Her excitement wanes, however, when she finds out she will be working on a two-person team with Jake, a senior account manager whose flirtatious attention makes her feel uneasy. Becky apprehensively agrees to the project, but when Jake’s comments and actions blur the line between business and pleasure, she finds herself increasingly anxious and unable to concentrate. After seeking advice from a colleague, who warns her against contacting HR, Becky is faced with a difficult decision — should she endure Jake’s behavior to protect her career, or speak up and risk the consequences?