Our Approach

Program participants getting to know each other.

Program participants getting to know each other.


We believe that lasting change requires more than a PowerPoint.  Shifting a culture takes time and requires a genuine understanding of the problem, opportunities to listen and be heard, and an environment conducive to collaboration. Our unique theatre-based methods are engaging and visceral, inspiring participants to think, feel, reflect, discuss, and problem-solve together.

Share Thoughts & Feelings

Connections deepen when participants have opportunities to communicate honestly and openly with one another. Our theatre-based activities stimulate head and heart, and our post-activity discussions invite meaningful reflection, build trust, and create space for participants to share ideas and be heard.

Consider Multiple Points of View

Perspectives shift when you allow yourself to consider something from someone else's point of view. Our theatre-based activities foster understanding by inviting participants to share honestly, listen openly, and step into the hearts and minds of those who may think and feel differently from themselves.

Identify the Root of the Problem

When working through challenging topics like Sexual Harassment and Unconscious Bias, it's critical to see the big picture. Our theatre-based techniques allow us to dig deep, helping participants identify and understand the complex attitudes, behaviors, and structures that can lead to and perpetuate inequity and conflict.

Explore Decisions and Consequences

Sometimes the words or actions that we think will solve a problem actually end up exacerbating it. Other times, the tactics we use to solve one problem inadvertently lead to another. Our theatre-based activities invite participants to explore a variety of problem solving tactics and develop a clearer understanding of the impact their behaviors have on others.

Develop Empathy

Our interactive scenes feature believable characters with diverse backgrounds, beliefs and experiences. Interacting with these characters challenges participants’ assumptions, fosters empathy, and promotes the kind of understanding that only occurs when you open your mind to the perspectives of others.

Work Together for Positive Change

You can’t change a culture alone. Our theatre-based programs engage groups in meaningful dialogue, stimulate creative solutions, and offer a unique approach to collaborative problem-solving. Let us help your group set the stage for change!