Diversity & Inclusion in Higher Education

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Engaging a room full of students with diverse needs, backgrounds and experiences can be challenging! Even veteran instructors can struggle to create a classroom environment that feels truly collaborative and inclusive. Impact Interactive brings real classroom challenges to life, engaging participants in meaningful dialoge and problem-solving that can lead to lasting positive change.

Our program includes interactive activities, small group discussion, and a scripted, interactive scene which can be made appropriate for professors, teaching assistants or peer leaders (described below). It addresses the following questions:

  • What are the challenges of effectively engaging a diverse group of students?

  • How do the assumptions we make based on race, gender, culture, language, learning style, ability, etc. impact the way we relate to students and affect the overall classroom environment?

  • What is unconscious bias and what role does it play?

  • How does empathy impact our teaching skills?

  • What can we do to be more inclusive and encourage participation from all students?

“In the Thick of It”
When Professor Jones attempts to lead her undergraduate biology section, she has trouble managing the diverse needs of her students. Ryan seems bored and uninterested; Jasmine repeatedly raises her hand but is reluctant to answer when called on; Andres and Mari engage in "side conversations" in Spanish, which no one else can understand; Olivia arrives late, sits in the back and tunes out; AJ is a fast-paced bio wiz who dominates discussion while Brandon keeps asking to slow down.  The scene freezes when a conflict between students arises and the class begins to spiral out of Professor Jones’ control.

*This program can be made appropriate for professors, teaching assistants, and peer leaders.